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End of June Garden Update

Above the garden at the end of June. I’ll update about a few of the problem areas and a few good spots. In April when I planted the onions, I was unsure how the straw mulch would work out. It … Continue reading

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June Garden Update: Part 1

It’s early June and time for an overview of what’s happening in the garden. We’ll start at the front with Bed 1 and make our way back. You can click on any photo to view a larger version. Bed 1 … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday 9/20/10

The tomatoes continue to ripen, but slower now with the cooler nights. This week I harvested 14 pounds of tomatoes. I’m not canning any more, but rather am freezing them whole for use in soups and sauces this winter.I also … Continue reading

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Winter Squash Update

I’ve decided that I planted some of my winter squash too close together. They’re running over into other beds and the paths, though they may do that even if I space them out more. In one bed I have my … Continue reading

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Today’s harvest focused on the squash and dill. The winter squash were dying back and they weren’t getting any bigger so we decided to have them for dinner. Each plant only produced one. Both are rather small because I crowded … Continue reading

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