Heart Quilt

heart quilt 2
This quilt was a graduation gift the came together quickly based on this pattern, with fabric from my stash. I re-worked the dimensions of the quilt by making the hearts 4″ square rather than the 2″ or 5″ in the original pattern. The finished quilt was around 50 x 60.

I machine quilted on the diagonal in a ‘V’ pattern and bound it with strips of the various colors.
heart quilt1

It was done in less than 3 weeks!

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Fall Colors String Quilt

I finally finished my sister’s wedding present! Its only a year and a couple of months late. :)


I hand-quilted straight lines in the string sections, ovals in the sashing, squares inside squares in the white border and parallel lines in the outer border.

The back has a strip of pieced scraps down the middle. The quilt is a queen size.

I’ll hand deliver it next month and hope they enjoy it for many years to come.

The previous post about this quilt is here.

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First Blooms 2016

This winter has been in sharp contrast to last, with hardly any snow. Last year at this time we still had large piles.

Our first bloom year was a snowdrop, followed by a winter aconite on March 10th.
A few days later we got a little sleet to go around it.
The crocuses will be up soon too. This year is our earliest first blooms since we’ve lived here.
First bloom 2015: April 13
First bloom 2014: April 14
First bloom 2013: March 31
First bloom 2012: March 19
First bloom 2011: April 4

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New Sweater

This sweater was a Christmas gift for my little girl. As my husband will attest, I can rarely follow a recipe when cooking. This was that kind of knitting project. I used another cardigan pattern to get the gauge/sizing right, but then proceeded to knit it in the round, change the pattern from garter stitch to fair isle , steek it up the front, change the ribbing and the button band, and come out with an all-together different sweater. And I learned more in the process.

When I went to buy the buttons, I decided to go for an assortment of animals. She loves them.

At least this one fit when I knit it!


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Wool Sweater Quilt

This past Christmas I made ornaments out of felted wool sweaters. While working on them, I got the idea to make a throw quilt out of sweater squares.  It raided the bottom of my sweater box for ones that I no longer wear and picked up a few more a thrift stores.  After felting them in the washer and dryer, I cut 5″ squares.

The colors just happened to work out to be white, gray, green and periwinkle.  So I laid them out in a order of sorts to sew together. I left the seams raw on the back and the edges as is.  It won’t unravel because it’s felted.

Shortly after finishing it, the quilt was broken in with some ‘sickness’.  So it went into the washer and dryer again and came out just fine.  I love all the textures the different cable patterns give. It’s nice and cozy for these cold winter days.

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