Spring Harvest


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First Blooms 2017

first blooms 2017 - 2

Snow came late this year with heavier snows in March and April 1st. Our crocuses were finally up on April 5th and are waiting for more sun to open. Little hands were excited to find them.
first blooms 2017 - 1

first blooms 2017 - 3
We also found one snow drop and one winter aconite pushing up through the mulch. Sun and warmer temperatures are predicted for next week. We look forward to many more blooms to come!
First bloom 2016: March 10
First bloom 2015: April 13
First bloom 2014: April 14
First bloom 2013: March 31
First bloom 2012: March 19
First bloom 2011: April 4

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Candy Coated

candy quilt - 1
This quilt was a gift for a one year old’s birthday. It was a quick project scrap based on the Candy Coated Pattern in Sunday Morning Quilts. It finished 36 inches by 45 inches.
candy quilt - 3

candy quilt - 2
I rarely machine quilt and when I do, I feel like I’m ruining the quilt top. However, I hardly have time to piece a top, let alone hand quilt these days so it was machine quilting for this gift. I used a free-motion foot and quilted in wavy lines, but the stitch length is uneven and there are jagged points when I stopped to re-position the quilt. But once it’s washed and loved it won’t really matter.
candy quilt - 4

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Pink Triangles

2016 became a bit busier for us this fall when our second daughter joined our family. I made this triangle quilt for her, and am taking her monthly baby photos on it.
Pink Triangle Quilt
It’s made of simple triangles and was hand quilted in each triangles. There are many Alison Glass fabrics from a color bundle I ordered.
Pink Triangle Quilt

It’s similar to our first daughter’s baby quilt but this time I finished this one much more quickly.

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Thankful for another year of the vegetable garden and all the harvests we enjoyed.


Here are a few.






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