I taught myself to knit in college to help myself stay awake while doing all the reading required.  At first, I just made up my own patterns by trial and error.  After college, I learned to read and follow patterns.  And now I find that I can make patterns of my own again with better techniques. To see more details about these projects, find me on Ravelry as Emily5446.

As I looked through my pictures of projects I find that I tend to make things in three categories: sweaters, socks, and outdoor gear.  So I’ve broken up the photos into those sets for the slide shows.To view a slide show of the the quilts, click on any photo.  To close the slide show, click on the photo shown.

Socks are what inspired me to begin following patterns.


Sweaters were intimidating at first, but after I made a few I was able to design my own based on my yarn.


Hats, mittens and scarves are always fun. Miscellaneous ornaments are in this group as well.


4 Responses to Knitting

  1. Sheila Son says:

    I love your patterns. Have you got the baby cardigan pattern please also your mini ornament little cable sweaters pattern to knit for babies? Love the to bits. Thanks Sheila

    • Emily says:


      Thanks! The baby sweater patterns came from published sources so I can’t share them here. Ravelry is a good source for patterns. I think the cabled sweater you’re referring to can be found here. I just changed the cable for another one I liked better.

  2. Sheila Son says:

    Is the pattern for babies?