I enjoy making a variety of things with my hands.  Currently most of my creations are knit or sewn.  On the following pages you can see some of my creations.

Jean Quilt Quilts


Sewing (coming soon)

You can see what I was up to the last few years with these summary blog posts.

2010 Knitting & Quilting Round Up

2009 Crafts Round Up

3 Responses to Crafts

  1. Gregg Lewis says:

    I like your new home. Though I miss the classy black background. That always makes the photos pop. It’ll be fun to see how you construct this site. I’ve always told people I thought your website was one of the most attractive blogs I’ve ever seen.

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks Gregg. Based on your comments about the black, I changed the border behind my photos to black to help with that.

  3. mike says:

    Emily, we would like to use some of your photos in the near future. Please contact Bob at Portland Magazine.

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