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2011 Garden Reflections: Tomatoes & Peppers

As I look back on this second year in this garden, some of last year’s successes were repeated, others were not. Some of last year’s failures were corrected, others were not. Here are part of my reflections. Previous posts were … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday 10/3/11

You can tell that the sun is setting earlier, as more pictures are having to be taken inside or with the flash. These tomatoes ripened indoors this week. I’ll wash & core them and freeze them for winter. The carrots … Continue reading

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New Blossoms

Here are a few new sights in the garden spotted this morning. The first eggplant blossom. The beginning of a corn blossom. I’m looking forward to what both of these will produce.

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June Garden Update: Part 1

It’s early June and time for an overview of what’s happening in the garden. We’ll start at the front with Bed 1 and make our way back. You can click on any photo to view a larger version. Bed 1 … Continue reading

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Planting Warm Weather Crops

This week I planted many of my warm weather crop. Like the chicks, it was time for them to move outside. The rest of my tomatoes went in. Seven tomatoes went in on May 1st with walls of water. 18 … Continue reading

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