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Emptying the Freezer into Jam

Tuesday morning I noticed a oily puddle under the chest freezer.  This freezer came free with the house and all signs point to it having reached the end of it’s life.   This gave me the impetus to clean out both … Continue reading

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December Canning

Finally, I’d seen a bag of limes in the discount produce the day before at the store. I decided I’d be able to find something to do with them. I looked through a few recipes and one for Lime Curd … Continue reading

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Cherries and Berries

Last Saturday Matt and I went to pick sour cherries at Poverty Lane Orchards.  We do have a sour cherry tree in our yard, but it won’t produce enough to make the jam, and pies we wanted to make.   We … Continue reading

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Currants and Raspberries

After making one jar of currant jelly on Tuesday I decided I wanted to make more. So we returned to Cherry Hill Farm and picked seven and a half pounds of currants last Thursday. Currants are fairly easy to pick. … Continue reading

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Tart Cherries

On Monday, my sister and I drove out to Hicks Orchard just across the border in NY state to pick tart Montmorency cherries. The cherry trees were grafted on semi-dwarf rootstock, but my sister and I are of semi-dwarf stock … Continue reading

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