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December Canning

Finally, I’d seen a bag of limes in the discount produce the day before at the store. I decided I’d be able to find something to do with them. I looked through a few recipes and one for Lime Curd … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday 7/18/11

This week the harvests continued to broaden. Here are the harvest photos. Monday: Peas, Raspberries, Sungold Tomatoes & the last strawberry. Pea harvest has slowed down this week. Tuesday: Kale, chamomile, broccoli, peas, cucumbers & a test head of garlic. … Continue reading

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Cherries and Berries

Last Saturday Matt and I went to pick sour cherries at Poverty Lane Orchards.  We do have a sour cherry tree in our yard, but it won’t produce enough to make the jam, and pies we wanted to make.   We … Continue reading

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Sour Cherries

The Cherry Marmalade recipe comes from the Ball Canning book, but I modified it for sour cherries. Here it is boiling away. Cherry Marmalade 1 medium orange (including peel),seeded and finely chopped1 quart pitted sour cherries1/4 cup lemon juice4 cups … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday 6/28/10

This week was a week of firsts harvests. The first two broccoli (9.5 oz),The first (and only) cherries (4 oz),The first kale (1lb 2oz),The first shelling peas (2.5 oz) and the first broccoli rabe (6.24 oz).The broccoli rabe is the … Continue reading

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