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Applesauce Meatballs

This recipe is one of our favorites, a good way to use homemade apple sauce. The applesauce makes these meatballs moist and tender. It’s adapted from an old pamphlet cookbook published in 1969, called “Real, Old-Time Yankee Apple Cooking” by … Continue reading

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December Canning

Finally, I’d seen a bag of limes in the discount produce the day before at the store. I decided I’d be able to find something to do with them. I looked through a few recipes and one for Lime Curd … Continue reading

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Cider Jelly

Last month I made a double- batch of cider jelly.  The recipe comes from a book called Preserves.  As I wrote when I shared another recipe from this book, I like the inspiration, but the yields are listed in pounds … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday 10/17/11

This week’s harvest brought some lasts and firsts. The last of the apples, 5 lbs. The first of the brussels sprouts (and an egg & last of dried beans). The first of the saffron. These red stamens come from a … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday 10/3/11

You can tell that the sun is setting earlier, as more pictures are having to be taken inside or with the flash. These tomatoes ripened indoors this week. I’ll wash & core them and freeze them for winter. The carrots … Continue reading

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