I’m Emily.

I’m a wife, homemaker and church secretary.  I live in New Hampshire. I love to cross country ski in the winter and explore the mountains in the summer.

Greens and Jeans began as my blog about the things I was making, whether cooking in the kitchen, planting in the garden, knitting sweaters or sewing quilts (often out of jeans).  The name came from the greens of the garden and the jeans used for crafts.

My crafting/ gardening/ blogging hours are fewer since our daughters joined our family in 2014 and 2016. I squeeze in creative time whenever I can. I hope to continue to post some of my finished sewing and knitting projects and thoughts from the garden.

I’m no longer selling items in my etsy store, but if you have questions, you are welcome to

Thanks for joining me here as I chronicle adventures in gardening, cooking, and creating.

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  1. barbara says:

    hey! just googled bird sightings, and found your post on your back yard adventures! nice blog! :-)

  2. lorna says:

    I have just been reading over your website.
    It looks fantastic. I also have a blog that is quite similar and I wonder if you would be interested in swapping links.
    My blog is called http://www.seedtofeedme.blogspot.com
    Regards, Lorna

  3. Ron says:

    Hi Emily, love your website. Very inspiring. Your garden is amazing. My wife and I are in East TN, working full time, to retire in two years. We currently have 100 ft sq of raised bed gardening, that was at best a humbling experience this summer. Hopefully future seasons will be better. Your garden plans were also quite inspiring. After retirement, I hope to really put some time in this and your garden will be my goal. How do you keep the critters [rabbits, groundhogs, deer] from eating everything? I’d also like to try chickens, so that info on your site has been inspiring too. Loved the view of Southwest Harbor, its our favorite place on the planet. We have been there 12 or more times, but missed the last two seasons. I just sighed and looked longingly at the pic.

    All the best. Stay warm and safe this coming winter.

    PS one of my few highlights with my garden this summer was a winter squash called Uchiki Kuri, from SeedsofChange. A beautiful softball sized bright orange winter squash. I haven’t a clue how it will taste, but it grew well, has a tough skin, and I hope to sample some well into the winter months. You may already grown some.

    • Emily says:


      Thanks for all the compliments on the garden. We haven’t had much problems with critters. Part of is is where we live, the deer population gets kept down by the hard winters, and we are bordered by the road on two sides, so they don’t come in. I had one groundhog this spring eating the kale & brussels sprouts but used bird netting to discourage it and it hasn’t been back. It must have found better pickings elsewhere.

      I’ll have to look into the Urchiki Kuri squash. Thanks for the recommendations.


  4. You are one of our winners! Congrats and please email me at violastitchstudio@live.com with your address! :)

  5. t kay says:

    Hi Emily. What pattern did you use for the ‘Batik Wedding’ quilt??? I think your work is beauTiful!

    • Emily says:

      t kay,

      I didn’t use a pattern. I did use a dresden plate ruler, but I made them different length petals and laid it out in an arrangement that I thought looked pleasing.

  6. Ana Hawthorn says:

    Hi Emily! I love your wild plant photos! I just wanted to shoot you a quick note on one of your ID’s. I normally keep my mouth shut about such things, but thought you might want to know for safety reasons. The plant you have ID’d as skunk cabbage is instead White Hellebore- and rather poisonous. Easy to mistake- they come up at the same time, in the same area and *very* frequently, right next to each other. Take care!

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