Candy Coated

candy quilt - 1
This quilt was a gift for a one year old’s birthday. It was a quick project scrap based on the Candy Coated Pattern in Sunday Morning Quilts. It finished 36 inches by 45 inches.
candy quilt - 3

candy quilt - 2
I rarely machine quilt and when I do, I feel like I’m ruining the quilt top. However, I hardly have time to piece a top, let alone hand quilt these days so it was machine quilting for this gift. I used a free-motion foot and quilted in wavy lines, but the stitch length is uneven and there are jagged points when I stopped to re-position the quilt. But once it’s washed and loved it won’t really matter.
candy quilt - 4

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3 Responses to Candy Coated

  1. marcia says:

    It is so colorful. I bet the giftee is enjoying it too.

  2. Judy says:

    Whoo hoo! Good for your! Great job!

  3. Sharon says:

    This little quilt looks great! I bet it will be much loved.

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