First Blooms 2016

This winter has been in sharp contrast to last, with hardly any snow. Last year at this time we still had large piles.

Our first bloom year was a snowdrop, followed by a winter aconite on March 10th.
A few days later we got a little sleet to go around it.
The crocuses will be up soon too. This year is our earliest first blooms since we’ve lived here.
First bloom 2015: April 13
First bloom 2014: April 14
First bloom 2013: March 31
First bloom 2012: March 19
First bloom 2011: April 4

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  1. marcia says:

    Somehow I missed seeing this post till now. Such a lovely delicate flower. Daffodills are blooming here now and the forsythia has a bit of yellow on it. The beech trees haven’t lost their leaves yet though.

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