Wool Sweater Quilt

This past Christmas I made ornaments out of felted wool sweaters. While working on them, I got the idea to make a throw quilt out of sweater squares.  It raided the bottom of my sweater box for ones that I no longer wear and picked up a few more a thrift stores.  After felting them in the washer and dryer, I cut 5″ squares.

The colors just happened to work out to be white, gray, green and periwinkle.  So I laid them out in a order of sorts to sew together. I left the seams raw on the back and the edges as is.  It won’t unravel because it’s felted.

Shortly after finishing it, the quilt was broken in with some ‘sickness’.  So it went into the washer and dryer again and came out just fine.  I love all the textures the different cable patterns give. It’s nice and cozy for these cold winter days.

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  1. marcia says:

    It’s lovely and I enjoyed wrapping up in it when I visited earlier this month.

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