Salsa Time!

Our kitchen has been under renovation this summer so we were doing minimal cooking in August. Thankfully, by the time tomatoes were overrunning the kitchen there was enough back in working order to make salsa.   Our favorite recipe (Annie’s Salsa) didn’t disappoint.IMG_0604 It’s been a few years since I’ve done much canning, but it feels nice to be able to do it again. Since my first batch, I’ve made two more batches of salsa (one tomato, one green tomatillo), tomato vegetable soup, and a batch of our favorite plum cardamom jam.  The new kitchen space is working out well and one benefit of our soapstone counters is that I can just set the hot pot directly on the counter to ladle into the jars.  There’s more jam, applesauce, and maybe salsa in the plans.

kitchen 2
We have some touch up painting to do and curtains to make, and then maybe I’ll share before & after photos of the kitchen.

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  1. marcia says:

    Wondering if any of those canned goods will appear at Christmas time?

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