Harvest & July Update


We’ve been enjoying lots of yellow zucchini.  I gave away 3 before I took this photo.  I thought I planted 2 varieties of green zucchini, one patty pan and one yellow zucchini, but I seem to have 2 hills of yellow zucchini.  I guess my garden helper distracted me when I was planting the seeds.

We enjoyed the first new potatoes, the leeks and swiss chard in a quiche.  The next night we had beef stir fry with the zucchini and broccoli.

I’ve had two cherry tomatoes ripen already.  The tomatoes are doing very well this year after two miserable years so I’m really looking forward to good tomatoes in August.


We even have a few melons set.


My plastic mulch is working well.  There are so many fewer weeds and though we haven’t been heavy with rain, I’ve not needed to water since May.  The plants are looking great too.

garden 1 garden 2 garden 3Empty spot where I harvested the garlic this week.

garden 4 garden5

Of course the weeds got away from me in the lettuce row where I didn’t use the plastic mulch, and everything went to seed.  I’m working on pulling it out and getting it ready for fall planting.  It’s nice however, that I’ve only got one row of crab grass to deal with, not 11.

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  1. marcia says:

    Your garden is looking very good. I may have to try the black mulch in the beds to keep them moister. I too got some tomatoes this week – small ones that I don’t know what they are because it was from the volunteer plant growing out of the compost bin. It’s the healthiest of my tomato plants. Most of the others are showing signs of blight.

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