First Blooms

Our first crocuses appeared on Easter Sunday April 5th, but they stubbornly refused to open all last week as the weather was cold and gray. They weathered a couple of inches of ice and snow mid-week, and finally opened yesterday. Today more followed.



Our first blooms this year were almost as late as last year!
First bloom 2014: April 14
First bloom 2013: March 31
First bloom 2012: March 19
First bloom 2011: April 4

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  1. Daphne says:

    I always love when I see the first crocuses. I have lots out right now and every day I go out and look at them. I really need to plant more by my front door. I did plant a patch, but they all died as the spot isn’t really very good. But on the other side of the path there is pretty good soil, so this fall I ought to get more.

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