A Quilt for my Sister

My sister got married at the end of last year.  In the early summer, I asked her and her fiance what colors and styles they’d like in a quilt. We looked through some I’d done before for ideas.  Sarah wanted greens and William wanted deep red, but Sarah didn’t want it to look like a Christmas Quilt.  So we added some oranges and browns to make it more of a fall color scheme.

s-w-quilt I finished the queen sized quilt top in time for the wedding and was able to show it to them.  Then I brought it back home to work on the hand-quilting.  It’s hard to find the hours to quilt right now, but with the cold weather we’re having, it is nice to work on such a heavy warm quilt when I get a chance.

I made the string blocks by sewing together strips of the fabric in large sections and then cutting out the blocks on the diagonal.  I’d then piece some of the left over parts together from one side and the other to make the block.  Somehow I managed to cut out just the right amount of strips of fabric.  I hardly had any left over.


Hopefully I can get it done by their first anniversary.

(P.S.  We took these photos in January before I basted the quilt.  Now the snow piles would get in the way of taking a photo.)

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  1. marcia says:

    It looks lovely. I wondered how you were hanging it over the deck. Are you quilting it now?

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