Recent Projects

A few of the finishes in the last few months.

A Turtle Vest.
Turtle Vest

Flannel Geranium Dresses (and another in pink, and two more as a gift)


Milo VestIMG_2059Leather Shoes (multiple pairs because making them the right size is difficult.  These were cute, but on the small side).


A Christmas Dress (based off the 5 & 10 Volume 1 Dress Patterns)

christmas dress

and a Corduroy Dress based off another variation of the pattern, made first as a test of the sizing.cord dress

A baby quilt for a college friend which turned out to just exactly the colors of her nursery.

baby quilt 1

baby quilt 2

And I finally finished hand quilting and binding the baby quilt for our little girl.  She’s been posing on it for a photo each month and at least it will finally be finished for her photo at one-year old.
IMG_4786 quilt

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  1. marcia says:

    Such lovely handiwork, Emily. You have your Grandma’s talents and more.

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