Last week I went to Cider Hill Gardens to buy a new peony. They have an amazing collection. If you’re local, they have a peony open house weekend this coming weekend.

I took photos of some of the ones I was considering. These were all early blooming peonies.
Pink Luau
pink Luau
As you can see, I was mostly considering light/medium pinks.
Paula Fay
paula fay
However, this Camellia White smelled amazing!
Camellia White- smells great
I almost got this one, Mrs. Euclid Snow. It smelled wonderful and was pink, but I wanted a bit deeper color.
Mrs. Euclid Snow- smells good
In the end I was struck by the description of another peony that hadn’t yet bloomed, called Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It has two buds on it and so hopefully I’ll see it bloom soon. It’s also supposed to be very fragrant. I’ll share photos when it blooms.

On the way there was this nice view too!
Little Mountain

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