Harvest Monday & Flower Garden Work

As usual, the blog goes quiet when work picks up outside.

We have had a few harvests lately, lettuce, overwintered leeks, sorrel, spinach, bok choy and tatsoi. We had a great stir fry with our bok choy this week as it was bolting.



The reason for the quiet is a flower-garden make over. We had a large cherry tree in our front yard. It showed signs of dying last summer when it lost it leaves very early. It didn’t bud out this spring so we knew we had to have it down. Here’s a photo of the area two springs ago.
Since the tree had to come out, we decided to plant another in its place. However the under story area was infested with a ground cover called gout weed, green on the mountain or bishops weed. We decided to try to get rid of it before we planted the new tree. I’d already ordered mulch and in the course of one day the tree came down, the stump was ground, and 4 yards of mulch were delivered for me to spread over my flower beds. We dug out the gout weed, laid landscape cloth and planted a new Stanley Prune Plum Tree. I took out a lot of the violets which were taking over as well.
Here’s the front bed, last spring and this year.
front garden 2012
front garden2
Matt dug out an old stump that was on the edge of the bed and we put the granite fence post in the whole left behind. Previously the fencepost was flat in another part of the yard.

We’ve been slowly making our way around the other flower beds, doing heavy weeding of the gout weed. Matt’s been doing a lot of heavy digging to get the deep roots. We’re in the home stretch of the last section.
in progress
We hoped to do more this weekend to finish, but Saturday’s Nor’Easter rainstorm kept us inside. Maybe today we’ll finish mulching and I’ll get my parking space back. Then it will be time to catch up with the vegetable garden planting.

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4 Responses to Harvest Monday & Flower Garden Work

  1. Daphne says:

    I hope you are getting our good weather today. It looks like once it warms up it will be beautiful. Maybe you can finish up. What you’ve done so far is looking good.

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks Daphne, We are getting lots of progress made with the beautiful weather today. Taking a break for lunch with friends, but hopefully will finish this afternoon.

  3. Marcia says:

    The front yard is looking marvelous! I hope it gets done today as you said. Call tonight if you can or aren’t too tired.

  4. You got a lot done in your yard and it’s looking great!

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