Celebrating Hand Quilting

This week the blog Celebrate Hand Quilting is having a blog hop. If you’re visiting my site from there, a special welcome!

Lately, I’ve been hand quilting this batik orange and blue string quilt, I’m calling Water & Sun. I hand quilt with a hoop.
I’m doing a simple pattern to emphasize the graphic nature of the blocks. However I wanted a variety in the texture, so in the orange blocks I’m doing one line through the middle of each strip with orange thread
In the blue blocks, I’m doing two lines with blue thread.
I hope that this will provide some depth and movement in the quilting.

My quilting style is a mixture of traditional and modern. I love working with the deep colors and textures of batik fabrics. But I also love exploring the traditional patterns and hand quilting. This sampler quilt from last year, combines both! I did sampler blocks in batiks, then did a detailed feathered border in all the sashing and borders.
batik sampler

The quilt I’m most proud of this year, is my very first quilt started that I finally finished 11 years later. We’re enjoying having this one on our bed. More photos of it are here.
eleven year quilt @ greensandjeans
Thanks for visiting. If you’d like to see more of my quilts, click here.

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16 Responses to Celebrating Hand Quilting

  1. Karen says:

    love the way you are quilting that quilt in the first photo – the colors are lovely as well

  2. Marcia says:

    Everything is beautiful!

  3. Sandy White says:

    I love your quilts. Do you find it difficult to hand quilt batiks. I love the colors. Best wishes.

  4. Liz says:

    Lovely quilts! Can I test any of them for you? ,just to make sure they are comforting lol.

  5. Carla says:

    Beautiful stitching! Thanks for sharing. I have a quilt that took over ten years, I know the feeling.

  6. Your quilts are absolutely wonderful!

  7. averyclaire says:

    Love the blue and yellow quilt! All are lovely. But love the blue and orange thread and the different quilting in each block. Congratulations! Nice work.

  8. Gina says:

    Love your quilting! I like the idea of quilting the orange and blue blocks slightly different. Beautiful!

  9. I enjoyed visiting your blog. I love the batik quilt you working on…..such happy colors and the quilting is beautiful. I’m going back to look around a little now. :)

  10. audrey says:

    Love the colors in your first quilt esp. Lovely stitching.

    • Linda says:

      Beautiful Sun shiny Quilt and love the hand quilting. All of your quilts are very nice and it is rewarding to finish one after so long ago!!!

  11. Emily says:

    Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments!

  12. Bertha Mallard says:

    That first photo is so familiar. I quilt in a hoop also and just love it. There are few things better than completing a section of my quilt and having to re-hoop it. I quilt in Providence Village, TX, USA

  13. Ann-Mari says:

    So many lovely quilts. I will make sure to come back and see some more.

  14. Dawn says:

    Fun to find you via the blog hop. Your hand stitching is very nice as are your beautiful quilts.
    Thank you for sharing!

  15. Love the orange and blue quilting! Beautiful!

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