A Wildflower Walk

Last weekend we took a walk to seek and find the spring wildflowers. Here’s what we found:

Beech trees in bud
beech leaves

Sessile bellwort (thanks to Miss M for the ID)


Blue Cohosh
blue cohosh

Duchman’s Breeches & Spring Beauty
duchman's breeches

More Duchman’s Breeches
duchman's breeches2

Ostrich fern

Wild Ramps

Skunk Cabbage
Skunk Cabbage

Squirrel Corn (What a funny name!)
squirel corn
Red Trillium
Trout Lily
trout lily

Wild Ginger
wild ginger

And a beautiful view.

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4 Responses to A Wildflower Walk

  1. Marcia says:

    They are all so beautiful. Did you pick any ramps for dinner?

  2. miss m says:

    I believe the bell-shaped flower (#2) is Uvularia sessilifolia or Sessile bellwort (new one for me). And the little pink ones are Claytonia virginica if I’m not mistaken. Commonly known as Spring Beauties?

    Lovely, Emily. Thanks for sharing!

    • Emily says:

      Thanks Miss M. I couldn’t find the bellflower one in my Vermont Wildflowers so I just took a guess. I think your ID is correct. Also thanks for the correction on the spring beauties :)

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