Last Harvests of 2012

Snow has come to the garden and these are the lasts harvest of the year. Our brussels sprouts plants were small this year and produced small sprouts.
The last of the lacinato kale. It doesn’t do well with the very cold temperatures and tends to get bleached/ freezer burn if left much longer in the cold. The red russian kale may survive.


This brings my yearly harvest total to 270 lbs, though I know I was less careful with records this year and my spreadsheet shows I never recorded my winter squash and pumpkins. I would estimate this year’s total to be closer to 300 lbs with those included. It definitely wasn’t as productive as previous years, but even with the neglect the garden suffered this summer, we’ve enjoyed and will continue to enjoy plenty of food from the garden.

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  1. Daphne says:

    So far my kale is fine, but I usually don’t eat from it now. Most of my kale harvests are in the spring. If they survive, they will wake up early in the spring and give me much needed greens.

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