Leek Harvest

Last week when I harvested the kale, I said I was planning on waiting until after Thanksgiving to harvest the leeks. This is mostly because I don’t have time to clean and freeze them at the moment.

This morning while headed out to check on the chickens, I noticed the ground was rather hard, in fact frozen. We’ve had cool days and clear cold nights for the last week. So I decided I’d better harvest the leeks this afternoon.

It turned out that I could only get the leeks out of the south side of the bed. Those in the north side are frozen in the ground. I covered them with straw to insulate. Either they’ll overwinter, or some balmy day when the ground seems softer, I’ll dig the rest of them up.

Here’s the harvest, over 2 lbs of leeks.

For now, they’re hanging out in the fridge. Next week I’ll chop and freeze most of them for risottos, quiches and other meals this winter.

See other harvest at Daphne’s.

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3 Responses to Leek Harvest

  1. Daphne says:

    I still haven’t gotten my carrots out. The over night temps have been lower than predicted. I’ll have to get them out before Saturday night or the ground might be frozen solid all winter. I think the ground is still unfreezing every day. If I’d known how low the temps would be, I’d have harvested those already and my cabbage. Luckily the cabbage is under a row cover.

    • Emily says:

      I was able to get more leeks out the first week of December when we had a thaw. I left a few of the smallest ones to overwinter.

  2. Liz says:

    Your leeks look fabulous – I always struggle with leeks – I’m too impatient and end up getting frustrated waiting for them.

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