Batik Dresden Plate Quilt

Now that the gift has been given, I can finally show you this quilt I finished earlier this month. At Christmas time I asked the sisters of the bride, what colors she and her fiance liked. They told be that browns and greens would be good colors.

I decided that I liked the idea of Dresden plates in a variety of sizes. I tried it out on a wall hanging to make sure it would work, and then went shopping for enough greens and browns to make the Dresden plates. I knew I wanted at least 10 different colors. I actually waited at the fabric store for a delivery to be un-packed so I could pick through and find this set of fabrics that would work together.

The pile became Dresden plates in a variety of sizes..

I laid them out on the batting to provide a sense of how I would arrange them.

Then I divided up the space and cut pieces of the ivory solid to fit the spaces. I machine appliqued the Dresden plates on the pieces.

And finally the pieces came together as a whole quilt top.

I knew I wanted to hand quilt it, and I learned on the two wall hangings that it more difficult to quilt through the plate and points because of the extra thickness of fabric. So I cut out the extra ivory fabric behind the Dresden plates to make it easier to hand quilt.

I chose the Baptist fan pattern for the solid section because I wanted to reference the round shapes of the Dresdens and choose a pattern that I could free-hand, rather than trace over the entire quilt top. I outlined the Dresden plates, and quilted through every other petal.

Unlike the tutorial I read, I started at one edge on the bottom right and quilted fans across. Then I moved back to the bottom right, and did another row above. A good friend suggested this so that I wouldn’t end with something odd in the middle.

I’m very happy with how the background quilting ties it all together and give the quilt more depth.

For the back I used the fern print. The binding is made from the brown print that is at the center of all the Dresden Plates.

It measures 49 wide by 73 long and was given to one of Matt’s cousins and her new husband.

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7 Responses to Batik Dresden Plate Quilt

  1. becky3086 says:

    Now that is a LOT of work! It is just lovely!

  2. Debi says:

    How beautiful! Beautiful quilt. . . beautiful artist who made it. Love you!

  3. Marcia says:

    That quilt came out lovely. The quilting was perfect for the pattern.

  4. Katie says:

    Gorgeous work, Emily. Your quilting is really beautiful!

  5. I am always so impressed by your handwork. Beautiful quilt! I hope the recipients appreciate it :)

  6. Wow, that’s really lovely! You’ve got a great eye.

  7. Sewfrench says:

    Just gorgeous! Such a different take on a traditional pattern. I love it. And the quilting!

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