Early April Garden

A package arrived in the mail two days ago which got me out into the garden to dig yesterday.  I received a Redhaven Dwarf Peach tree.  So yesterday morning I went out to dig a big hole for it.  Then we planted it.  It mostly looks like a big stick, but I hope it will give us yummy peaches in years to come.

While I was digging, I turned over some more soil in the garden to prepare for onions & leeks later this month. With the mild winter, the rye grass is very vigorous this year.

In the rest of that bed, the garlic is coming up strong. We’re still enjoying last year’s garlic so I think this amount is about right for us.

The greens in the cold frame are doing well.

Peas planted in the warm spell last month are now sprouting.

Kale and other greens spent some time outside today.

Here’s the whole garden. The new peach tree was planted to the right, but not in the picture.

Inside, my Meyer lemon tree that I received for my birthday last year has put on new growth and has one lovely smelling blossom.  I pollinated it, and hope to get one Meyer lemon this year.

That’s all from the garden!

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4 Responses to Early April Garden

  1. Daphne says:

    Your garden is doing great. I planted some peas during the warm spell too and they are just coming up now. I did plant some in February too (hey it was just seed) and it all germinated. Better than usual. So I’ve got some nice 4″ tall pea plants too. Maybe early peas this year.

  2. Robin says:

    Your garden looks very happy and healthy! My peas are growing like crazy despite the lack of rain.

    Congrats on the Meyer Lemon Bloom! I have 4 little babies on mine and two more clusters of flowers waiting to open.

  3. Marcia says:

    It all looks good in the garden. I like your new banner too!

  4. becky3086 says:

    Everything looks great. My Meyer lemon has several little fruits on it so hopefully I will have my own lemons this year.

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