W.I.P. Wednesday

This month I have had 5 quilts in progress. Usually I have one or two. I’ll be thinking about an aspect of a certain quilt and mention it to my husband and he’d has to clarify which quilt we were talking about. It’s time to get that number down a bit.
Last week I made a lot of milestone progress.

I made a backing for my Eleven Year Quilt, and got it laid out and pinned.

I even decided how I want to quilt it and finished hand quilting one of the squares.

I’m echo quilting in the light blue, quilting a star inset in the dark blue,

And putting this feathered design in the middle. I still need to make a template for what I’m going to quilt in the sashing.

I finished a quilt top for my Dresden plate quilt. Since it’s a gift, I’ll only show you one plate. I machine appliqued these on. I pinned the quilt and now I’m considering how I’ll quilt it.

I finished a baby girl quilt and even got it off in the mail. I’ll show that one on that on Friday.

I have a baby boy quilt that is pinned, and I’ve just started machine quilting it.

I also joined the bandwagon for the Granny Squares Quilt. I’m making mine with scraps of batik quilts. I’ve cut all the colored squares and have been using it as a leader/ender project when I’m sewing on other things. So far I have 8 squares done and I want to make 35.

This one is in no rush since it will be for our living room.

This week’s stats:
Finished: 1
In progress: 4

Hopefully I’ll make some more progress on these quilts this week despite the warm weather!

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5 Responses to W.I.P. Wednesday

  1. Marcia says:

    Those granny squares are quite attractive. Nice to have all those scraps to use from other projects.

  2. Becky says:

    I really like your quilting. It looks really good.

  3. Robin says:

    Everything is beautiful as always! I hope that you don’t get sick of me telling you how great you are with color!

    I have an 16 year old quilt that I need to finish. I thought I would get to it this past winter. But, winter is over and the gardening has begun. I have been working on the other quilt now and then.

    • Emily says:


      Thanks for your compliments.
      Quilts are good for the evenings when it’s too dark to work in the garden :)

  4. Cassie says:

    I love you granny squares and that dresden plate is lovely! I am planning to make a dresden plate quilt very soon….since I need it done by July as a gift and yours makes me want to go start it right now {but it will have to wait a bit longer}!

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