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My blogs been rather quiet lately as the garden’s under a layer of snow. We’ve been busy around the house but too busy to blog about much. My mom commented how quiet the blog was, so here’s an update.

Before the holidays I suggested to Matt that we switch our living room and dining room furniture. The motivation was that the wood stove was in our dining room and it’s much more comfy on a cold winter day to sit on the couch next to the fire than to sit in a hard wooden chair. Here’s what the room looked like this summer just after I painted (with unfinished trim) and before we re-built the hearth.

So last week he suggested we get out the tape measure and see if it might work. With the help of an excel spreadsheet (I love excel spreadsheets) we drew the rooms and furniture to scale and came up with an arrangement that might work. Then came the hard work of moving the furniture, including our china cabinet with all of our dishes.

We took Tuesday night to methodically switch the furniture and get everything into new locations. Of course, one thing leads to another and we had to replace the light fixture in the new living room since Matt was walking into the shoddily hung chandelier. But some simple halogen track lighting did the trick and now we have a new living room arrangement.

The brown curtain to the left of the stove blocks the door to the hallway so that all the heat from the stove doesn’t immediately rise up the stairwell. It’s the solution for this season, maybe next year we’ll find a door to re-finish to put there instead.

We haven’t moved pictures on the wall yet, as we’re deciding if we like things this way and debating whether this might be a seasonal arrangement.

I’ve also been busy on a few baby blankets for gifts which you can see are on the chair waiting for more quilting.

Here’s a peak at what’s done so far.

And I’ve recently started a new sweater for myself. I’m using a pattern to make the yoke, but then plan to improvise once that’s done.

So that’s the update. Time to get back to quilting by the fire.

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2 Responses to Quiet Blog/ Busy Home

  1. Marcia says:

    Thanks for giving me credit for your writing the blog! :)

    The curtain is a good idea. I guess you open it at night when you’re upstairs.

  2. kitsapfg says:

    Good thinking to locate the seating area closer to the heat source. I almost never move furniture around – creature of habit and never think to do that. I have a friend who moves her furniture all the time though!

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