End of November Garden

Here’s how the garden looked on the last of November. It’s a contrast from the last days of October when it was covered with snow.

The ‘warmer’ temps this month have meant that the greens in the cold frame and hoop frame are doing well. Most of the rows are full of rye cover grass. It’s gotten long enough that I can trim it with scissors to feed as greens to the chickens.

There are a few things left growing.
We’ve enjoyed some of the salad greens from the cold frame.

There are a few asian greens holding on and growing slowly without any cover.

The rainbow kale has turned a deep shade of purple.

The brussels sprouts are sweet and wonderful.

The radicchio and chicory are holding on. We didn’t care for the bitter flavor the first time we tried them. We may give them one more try.

Soon the snow will come again and blanket the garden for the winter.

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  1. Marcia says:

    My greens are growing too. We’ll use them for some Chinese cooking very soon.

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