2011 Garden Reflections: Cucumbers & Squash

As I look back on this second year in this garden, some of last year’s successes were repeated, others were not. Some of last year’s failures were corrected, others were not. Here are part of my reflections. Previous posts were on Root Vegetables and Onion Family Crops.


This year I planted 3 types of slicing cucumbers. One was supposed to be white, but either the seed wasn’t true, or those were eaten early on by slugs. In any event, I had too many plants and too many slicing cucumbers. We gave many away. I also planted about 12 pickling cucumber plants, which was plenty to make lots of bread and butter pickles and even a few dill pickles this year too. The frame from last year continued to work well and I moved it to the back section of the garden so it would not shade shorter plants. All in all, cucumbers did well again this year.

Zucchini & Summer Squash

My zucchini, summer squash & winter squash all got off to slow starts because of the slugs eating the seedlings I transplanted. Some had to be re-seeded. One plant of my Costata Romanesca zucchini did well, and but another did not. We liked this variety and will plant one more plant next year. My Yellow Zucchini plant was eaten by slugs and the re-seeded plants never got big enough to produce. The Benning’s Green Tint Patty Pan squash also did well. It tends to produce a vine rather than a bush like the green zucchini. I’ll plant that one again next year.

Winter Squash

Again, these were off to a slow start because of slugs. I re-seeded my delicata a few times, but finally they did produce and produced well. I’d noticed last year that they couldn’t compete with other winter squash and so I grew them in the same bed as the zucchini and they did very well there. Butternut squashes produced a few, but the Buttercup squash did poorly and it was one of the heaviest producers last year. Marina di Chiogga was a new variety for me, and it only produced one large squash. We haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say if we’ll plant it again next year or not. Overall I have 10 pounds less winter squash this year than last.


This year I planted the last of my Jarradale seeds but then they were also eaten by slugs. I planted some I’d saved but they didn’t come true, so we didn’t harvest any Jarradale this year and they were my favorite last year. I’ll be purchasing new seed to plant them next year. We got a few pie pumpkins but not as many as last year either, so we have 40 lbs less pumpkins than last year. The larger green squash in this photo is the Marian di Chiogga winter squash.


I tried planting melons under my hoop frame this spring when I transplanted the cucumbers and squash. They also got eaten by slugs and the subsequent seeds never sprouted. Next year will be my last attempt at melons and if I don’t succeed then the space will be given to something that does produce.

More to come…

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  1. Robin says:

    It sounds like you had a buggy start this year! I really enjoy reading garden recaps. They are very helpful. I’m finding that reading them makes me want to plant more varieties!!

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