2011 Garden Reflections: Onion Family

As I look back on this second year in this garden, some of last year’s successes were repeated, others were not. Some of last year’s failures were corrected, others were not. Here are part of my reflections. Part 1:Root Vegetables is here.


Last fall I planted Music & Red Russian Garlic, about 50 cloves. All my cloves sprouted and grew into nice sized heads. I mulched them with straw in the fall, and left the much on all summer, which helped keep the weeds down. The garlic did well and I saved the largest cloves to plant this fall. I’d been storing the garlic in our un-heated backroom until freezing temperatures came. I brought it into the dining room, but I’ve noticed the heads starting to split and try to send out roots, so I’ve moved it to a cooler upstairs room. I hope the garlic lasts. We’re thankful to have our own garlic this year since we didn’t have it last summer.


This year I started onions from seed instead of sets. I planted Yellow Varsity Onions and Red Marble Onions. The Yellow Varsity did well, I got larger onions than last year. The Red Marble did poorly, and were marble sized. I’ll try another red variety next year. I’ll start from seed again since there is more variety and since the yellow onions did better.


I started my leeks from seed this year as well. I did one set early, transplanting them in mid-April, and a second set at the end of May.
I started too many the second time and gave away half those seedlings. The others were planted in front of my tomato plants which worked well. Since I had so many leeks I felt more free to use them as needed and not worry that they needed to size up.

The leeks grew to a nice size, but I think I’d like to try letting them grow some, and then transplanting a second time so that more of them is blanched by the soil. I still need to dig the majority of the leeks and freeze them.

More to come…

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3 Responses to 2011 Garden Reflections: Onion Family

  1. kitsapfg says:

    I love garden recaps – particularly when they focus on how things were grown as opposed to just a variety comparison and rating. I have been thinking quite a lot about last year’s garden performance and musing about what I will repeat and/or change up in the coming year. Always a learning experience.

  2. Daphne says:

    I always plant my leeks in a trench and fill it in as they get bigger. It makes for some nicely blanched leeks. I never plant enough though. I don’t eat a lot of leeks, but would love to eat more.

  3. Robin says:

    I had absolutely no success growing onions from seed the one and only year that tried it. Yours look good.

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