A Fall Surprise

One rainy day recently (I can’t remember which, we’ve had so many this fall), I looked out the window and something pink caught my eye. I haven’t paid my flower beds much attention in the last month, but suddenly there was this pink lupine.

This lupine is a treat because I only had purple lupines. Last fall Wilderness sent me some different colored seeds and I scattered them in a few places in the garden, but didn’t make good notes. Plants started this year and grew, but they don’t usually bloom in the first year. This one did, and it’s a treat when almost all other blooms are done my garden for the year. Now I know it’s pink and I can decide if I want to leave it where it is, or move it to another spot in the spring.

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One Response to A Fall Surprise

  1. Wilderness says:

    So glad one bloomed. It is very unusual for them to bloom in the fall but established ones will sometimes bloom twice. I would think twice about moving it at the size it has matured to already. They don’t take kindly to a move as the have a very long tape root.

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