Mid-October Garden

It’s the middle of October and the garden is slowing down considerably. Last weekend I cleaned up many of the summer crops. I also planted my garlic. I saved my best heads of music and red russian garlic to plant. This is red russian cloves ready to go in the ground.

Here’s how the garden looked after last weekend’s clean up. The bright green is the rye grass planted as a cover crop in the middle of September. The other rows had cover crop planted last weekend.

This weekend we put up the hoops and row cover over some winter lettuce varieties from Fedco and asian greens such as bok choy & tatsoi.

My hope for these is a few small harvests later this fall and for them to overwinter well and come back strong in the spring. These greens were planted around the end of August.

When it gets colder and the snow is going to come, we’ll add a layer of plastic over the row cover.

The cold frame also has greens growing, but we haven’t put the new glass in the windows yet. We need to do that soon.

We still have some carrots and a few beets. Here are a few other things that are still growing well.
Leeks in a row in front of where the tomatoes were.

The brassica row has kale, a bit of broccoli still sprouting,

cabbages heading up

and brussels sprouts ready to pick soon.

The greens row has some swiss chard still, and radicchio

and sugar loaf chicory.

I need to look for recipes for both these greens.

As I drive around and look at gardens, many are bare dirt at this point in the year. I’m glad I’m able to have crops that slowly mature now and that will bring me an early spring harvest too. Frost doesn’t have to bring an end to your garden!

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