Harvest Monday 10/10/11

My one and only harvest of beets this year, totaling 1 lb. Has anyone had trouble with beets or chard following onions? Neither did well this year in the row the onions were in last year.

Hard frost was forecast for Wednesday and Thursday night. It was windy and covering the peppers and tomatillos didn’t seem as though it would work. So I picked all the remaining peppers and tomatillos that seemed developed.

This was over 9 lbs of tomatillos.,And other peppers. There were also two last of the patty pan squash.
Saturday I dug the last of my potatoes. These are red skinned variety called Romanze. There were some very nice sized potatoes. All together they weighed over 31 lbs.

I hadn’t picked beans in quite a while and was letting them develop more towards the dried bean state. So after the frost, I pulled off all these green beans. I shelled them today and put them out to dry on a cookie sheet.

Eggs this week: 17
Eggs this year: 50

Harvest this week 48.1 lbs
Harvest total this year: 363 lbs

See how other gardeners are wrapping up the season at Daphne’s Dandelions.

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6 Responses to Harvest Monday 10/10/11

  1. Robin says:

    Beets and Swiss Chard are not good to plant next to each other. But onions are a good companion for beets. The only thing that I found that the two should not be planted after is spinach. So, maybe it just wasn’t a good year for those crops.

    Boy, you got a really good harvest of potatoes!

  2. Wilderness says:

    Nice harvest. I see you did get the frost. Here on the mountain we are still holding out but there isn’t much of anything left in the garden as I picked down when we got the treat last week. What beets I dug weren’t very big but sure were good. Still have beets and carrots in the ground.

  3. Ali says:

    My beets didn’t do well this year either, I ended up buying enough to make pickled beets. Can’t be without those! The peppers look great. I’ll miss them, I love peppers.

  4. Dave says:

    That is a lot of tomatillos! My vines weren’t that productive. I’ve never heard of Romanze potato but it looks like it made some nice spuds.

  5. Thomas says:

    Great harvest! Your potatoes look wonderful. My spring planted beets did fine but my fall beets are struggling. I started theme extra early but they just don’t seem to want to size up. I don’t know what the issue is though I’ve that beets greatly benefit from an application of boron.

  6. kitsapfg says:

    I don’t know about problems with beets following onions – but I have always found beets to be a more fussy character to grow than everyone (including seed catalogs) would have you believe. They really do need a certain soil condition, light exposure, specific micronutrients, and hydration level to grow successfully. One of those being not quite right results in less than optimal yeilds. I had fairly good luck with my beets this year but I attribute it mostly to luck and not any specific action I did (or did not) take.

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