First Egg!

Today Rosemary, our Easter Egger chicken was acting odd. She’s usually loud, but she was squawking much more than usual. She also kept pacing back and forth, in and out, jumping up on top of the nesting boxes and then back down. She was hot, and panting. I figured she was getting close to laying her first egg.

She seemed to be settling down on top of the nesting boxes instead of inside. I kept going to check on her, and finally decided to fill a shallow box with some straw to set on top, so that she could sit there and the egg wouldn’t roll off. Just as I went out with the box and straw, I found her standing over her first egg!

I’ll leave the box of straw there for the future, since she seems to be scared by the nesting boxes.

Here she is enjoying a treat of yogurt after laying her first egg.

And here’s the egg. It’s small and beautiful. We’ll have to wait until we have more than one to cook it since there are two of us who’d like to try the first egg.

For scale, here it is with a regular sized wooden egg.

I wonder when the other three hens will begin to lay!

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5 Responses to First Egg!

  1. Robin says:

    Oh boy….that’s one beautiful egg! I get a lot of those pretty easter eggs from my egg lady! Enjoy!

  2. GrafixMuse says:

    Yay! Congratulations on your first egg. What a beauty. Hopefully, Rosemary will get the hang of it soon.

  3. shaheen says:

    A homey egg – yay and your first!

  4. Emily says:

    Egg #2 was laid today by Sage, our Buff Orpington. She even got it inside the nesting box!

  5. Carol says:

    That is SO exciting. And your Rosemary lays a very pretty egg, too! I’ll always remember the first egg we got. It wasn’t in a nest box either. However, after that first one, the rest have been in nest boxes. Haley visited us this weekend and was fascinated by the chickens. And then we (Jessica, Philip, Alex, Katie, Haley, Lisette, Ron and me) all had omelets for breakfast this morning. LOVE those fresh eggs. I bought more chicks a couple weeks ago, and since Joey and Larisa gave me an incubator for my birthday, I’ve got some hatching eggs in there, too. So, if you ever want more chickens – just let me know. LOL!

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