The last wedding of summer

It’s said that Labor Day weekend is the last weekend of summer. This weekend we attended our third, and last wedding this summer. We didn’t even have to travel to attend this one, as it was only one town away.

This weekend, our friend Alex got married. Alex is another friend from college, but like me, he has remained in this area. So we know him quite well. As is my custom of late, I made them a lap quilt as a wedding present. I felt like the quilt needed to be a bit more manly since we knew Alex better than his new wife Nicki.

So another jean quilt it was in order. I came up with the idea back in March and even shared one of the quilt squares then. After making 8 of the needed 24 squares, it was set aside to work on this quilt, and this quilt and finally our quilt.

At the beginning of August I realized it was time to get going again. In the mean time I’d made quite a few wall hangings with the string quilt pattern and used paper piecing. Basically you cut a paper the size of the square and sew on top to add stability and to make sure your diagonal lines will be long enough. I decided using paper piecing would help me make the remaining 12 squares faster.

When I finished the 12 squares, I found they were straighter and less wonky than my first 8. So I had to tear out portions of them to make them match.

We went looking for a backing and binding that would tie in well with the red and blue. We found this neat print with red, black and gray. An the binding coordinated, with black and red and white.

I tied the quilt and hand quilted it in the red corduroy stripes.

All together it’s a very fun and funky jean quilt. It’s about 46″ by 59″. I hope Alex & Nicki enjoy it.

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5 Responses to The last wedding of summer

  1. Marcia says:

    That quilt came out great. I’m sure Alex will love it. Hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Prairie Cat says:

    That is one nice looking quilt! I have been saving old jeans scraps for one day… when I actually take the time to learn how to quilt. How silly to save things for a craft you have no idea how to complete! But it’s just such a sturdy material I cannot bear to throw it out.

  3. Louise says:

    This is a beautiful quilt and I love the idea of using jean for it. The red corduroy is so striking in this quilt that it is the one quilt that caught my eye! Congratulations and thank you for posting it. Louise

  4. Nia says:

    Really nice. Great use of color. I love the shades of blue verses that pop of red. I bet the textures were awesome in real life.

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