Chicken Update: 20 Weeks

It’s been a while since I posted any updated photos of the chickens here on the blog. This Friday the chickens will be 20 weeks old. There combs and waddles are growing and turning more red. Last weekend I opened up the nesting boxes and filled them with straw. I put a wooden egg and golf ball in the nests. I’ve started supplementing the daylight with a timer that goes on from 6 to 8 in the morning so that they still get 14 hours of daylight as the sun sets earlier and earlier.
Here’s the group of them resting on step to the coop.

And here are individual shots. You can see the albums of each chicken’s growth on the chicken page.
Parsley is still at the head of the pecking order, despite all of Thyme’s challenges.

Sage is somewhere near the bottom. She’s also not too bright, and most apt to peck at us or our clothing when we feed them greens or treats.

Rosemary is the most vocal, and shares the bottom of the pecking order with Sage. When I come out the door, she announces my presence with loud “BAWKS.” She’s also still the one most likely to come visit on our laps.

Thyme is the most aggressive, especially in the morning. She’ll chase Rosemary and Sage around the run, with a low posture. But she has to back down to Parsley still. She’s wary of us, but will come up for treats. Her white lacing has really developed recently.

Here’s to hoping their first eggs aren’t too far off!

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3 Responses to Chicken Update: 20 Weeks

  1. Robin says:

    You’ve got some nice looking chickens! It’s been a joy to watch them grow! I hope that some eggs will show up soon!

  2. Denisha M Cleare-Vega says:

    Any eggs yet? I just got my 1st egg yesterday and another today. Both brown eggs so out of my 8 it can only be 5 since 2 others lay colored eggs and the other white. I think the suspects are my rhode island reds. Good luck

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