August Garden

The garden has been fairly dry lately. While rain has come through, most of it has missed us and we’ve just got 1/10th an inch in the past week and a half. I’ve been watering with the rain barrels and tomorrow may have to break out the sprinkler.

The winter squash and pumpkins are behind this year. Last year I had small squash set on them by the end of July. I’m just beginning to get fruit to set, with the exception of the pie pumpkin. Here’s what they look like.
The first Marina di Chioggia.

There are no Jarrahdales yet. That’s sad because I just baked the last Jarrahdale from 2010 last week. They are good keepers. I hope we’ll get some.
The pie pumpkin is advanced.

Just one butternut and one buttercup are set so far.

There are no delicatas yet. They got a later start since the first ones were eaten by slugs. They have plenty of foliage now and look like some female blossoms will come soon.

In other garden news, the main crop of tomatoes has a few starting to turn. Here are striped roman & amish paste, & black prince.

The trail of tears black beans from Daphne are producing well. They were planted along the fence behind the popcorn. They’ve decided that it wasn’t tall enough and have jumped over to the cornstalks. Here you can see the bean pods and ears of corn.
My chard plants are finally starting to size up. They have been so slow to grow this year. Last year they were so lush. The bed held onions last year and I’m wondering if there is some incompatibility. Anyone have experience with this? Next year they’ll be following onions again so I’m thinking I’ll plant some chard in a different spot to see.
I need to plant seeds for fall, but with the soil so dry, it seems pointless. I may wait a week or so until I have time to tend seedlings, maybe on the porch. The peas still need to be pulled and I need to tie up the tomatoes where they’ve reached the top of the frame. The yellow onions are close to being ready to harvest. There’s always plenty to do in the garden.

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2 Responses to August Garden

  1. Daphne says:

    My squash are just setting now sadly. I hope they have time to ripen. We did get the rain though. Over 3 inches in the last three days. I wish Mother Nature would be a little more even in her watering.

  2. Your garden is looking great! The chard plants are beauts and the squash look like they’re coming along well. I love the aerial view of the garden :)

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