Harvest Monday 8/8/11

This week was another week with lots of cucumbers. It’s time to make pickles again! The zucchini and patty pan have not been producing that much. We’re still looking forward to each one that ripens. That’s a good thing but it means my harvest total is down compared to last year at this time. Last year I’d harvested my onions this week so the total jumped up. This week I harvested my red onions, but they only came in at 1.8 lbs, a sad harvest. My other yellow onions are looking much better and are just beginning to fall over, so I’ll let them go a bit more and finish sizing up. Here are the photos from the week.
Monday: Red onions for pickles. They’re smaller than they look.
Tuesday:Patty pan, cucumbers,the first green zebra tomato, peas & beans, a bit of sprouting broccoli & lettuce for a BLT.

Wednesday: Zuchinni, the first Carmen sweet pepper, cucumbers, beans, basil, tomatoes. The larger tomatoes are from a plant I had labeled Cherokee purple but the color isn’t quite right and the flavor was rather bland. We’ll see if the others from that plant are any different when they ripen later.

Thursday: Beans, cayenne peppers, tomatoes (green zebra & cosmonoaut volkov)

Saturday: the rest of the sad onion harvest, zucchini, cucumbers, beans, peas, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes.

Sunday: Jalapenos and Cayenne peppers to be smoked alongside the paprika pepper harvested earlier. I’ll freeze them to add to salsa and give it a chipotle flavor.

Also a leek, cherry tomatoes, mostly sungold which are picking up in production, and green beans. We’re doing a better job of enjoying these at the tender stage this year. The leek had sent up a scape so I harvested it and chopped up finely with the green beans.
Harvest this week: 16.5 lbs
Harvests this year: 76.82 lbs

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8 Responses to Harvest Monday 8/8/11

  1. Marcia says:

    Quite a lovely mixture of vegetables. I’ve been picking the peppers green but I noticed one coloring so I’m letting it be for now. Any return of the ground hog?

  2. Ali says:

    How do you like the Green Zebra? I grew them last year, but wasn’t crazy about them, but am thinking that perhaps I didn’t harvest at the right stage. I am so eager for main crop tomatoes, but no sign of them yet here…

    Your harvest looks great. I need to work on a smoker I think….

    • Emily says:

      I like the green zebra, they have a nice brightness to their flavor. I think they’re best when the background has turned a yellow color and they’re softening.

      I’d usually be where you are waiting for tomatoes, except that I started 7 plants in walls of water on May 1st. Those are the ones that are producing now, though a few others are getting closer.

      I’m so glad my husband built the smoker. We really enjoy it.

  3. Allison says:

    NIce harvest! Your cucs look so nice!

  4. Lovely harvest, with such a good assortment of veggies. I’m growing the white pattypan squash for the first time. How do you prepare yours?

    • Emily says:

      I’ve stuffed them and I’ve sauteed it with onions to serve over pasta so far. We’ve only had 2 or three. But there are more on the way.

  5. Robin says:

    Nice variety in your harvests this week. Some how, some way I always end up with a plant or two that I must have put the wrong name on!

  6. Our pattypan is coming in slow too but I love it so much that I await each one as impatiently.

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