Harvest Monday 8/1/11

The harvests continue to broaden each week.  This week the new arrivals were red peppers, patty pan squash, swiss chard (finally!) , purple calabash tomatoes, and green beans. Here are photos of this week’s harvests.

Monday I returned from a weekend away and decided it was time to pick the garlic.  I’ll weigh it when it finishes drying in a few weeks.  I also picked the lasts of the sour cherries which became a cherry-peach pie this weekend. There was a large zucchini, many cucumber and peas waiting for me as well, with a few sungolds and one black prince tomato.

Tuesday there were more cucumbers, our first Patty Pan and a Jimmy Nardello Sweet pepper.  We had stuffed zucchini and pattypan for dinner.

Thursday brought my first Purple Calabash tomato, the first green beans, lettuce, brococli, radishes & more snow peas.

Saturday I dug some more Irish Cobbler & Red Fingerling Potatoes.  I also picked more lettuce, Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers, and the first Chocolate Bell pepper. Of course, more cucumber, peas, a few more beans and a tomato to top my burger.

Sunday I harvested the first of an asian green called Hon Tsai Tai.  It went in a curry with the two more Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers and a Hungarian wax.  I can’t say that I tasted the greens, so we’ll have to try them in something else.

The big harvests this week were cucumbers. I need to make pickles today. Peas also continue to come in. We’ve got some in the refrigerator that really need to be frozen.

Harvest this week: 16 lbs
Harvest this year 60.30 lbs
See other gardener’s harvests at Daphne’s Dandelions.

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6 Responses to Harvest Monday 8/1/11

  1. michelle says:

    What a great variety of vegetables you’re harvesting now. I’m still waiting for most of my “summer” vegetables to come in, thank goodness we have a great farmer’s market so I can get my fix of tomatoes.

  2. Hanni says:

    looks like you had a great week! :) I like the sunflower that peeked its way into one of your photos.

  3. Marcia says:

    Those peppers are really red. None of mine are red but I plan to pick them next week before Thursday and freeze or pack them. You do have an assortment there.

  4. Those cukes look like they’re going to be delicious. I love the deep red, in them.

  5. Daphne says:

    It looks like you had a very nice harvest week. Look at all those cucumbers. I think you might be making some pickles just like me. I used most of mine up over the weekend and Monday entertaining. Luckily I had more cukes to throw into the brine.

  6. Allison says:

    Great harvest! What kind of Cuc’s are those?

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