Mid-July Garden Update

Here’s the garden in the middle of July.

We’ll do a walk through starting at the front. Here are rows one and two.

The potatoes are getting really high in row 1. In row two, the cold frame has second planting of lettuce, and seedlings of fall crops that will be transplanted again later once they size up.

Row 3 & 4. The zucchini on the end of row 4 are producing and finally I got some delicata squash established in the middle.

The onions are sizing up, though the red onions are falling over and are rather small.
Row 5 has artichokes growing, tomatillos growing tall, and peppers producing (paprika & jalapeno below). Eggplant have bloomed but not yet set fruit.

Row 6 is show from the other end. It has more potatoes, these are yellowing and falling over. At the other end is the garlic which is close to harvest time.

Row 7 has pumpkins spreading out.

Row 8 is shown in two parts. It has the corn tasseling and silks starting to show. The beans are blooming and the peas are yellowing. I do have shell peas I planted earlier sprouting that will hopefully produce a fall crop.

Row 9 has brussels sprouts growing tall.

And on the other end, cabbage, kale & broccoli have filled in.
For some reason only a few heads of the green cabbage are forming, the purple is just spreading out. I had the same problem last year where 1 head formed out of 6. That’s why I planted so many this year, I don’t know what I’d do if they all formed heads. I may have 2 or 3 that are this year. Of course, I prefer the purple for eating, but the green is forming heads.

Row 10 has cucumbers climbing and winter squash beginning to spread.

Row 11 is the tomatoes this year. The ones on the far end are the ones started early and the sungold has almost reached the top. In the center are the amish paste and they are catching up to the early varieties. Below are Black Prince (not very black) and Striped Roman tomatoes.

I forgot to photograph the perennials in the back. The strawberries are finished and need to be cleaned up. We only got a few raspberries now, but they are ever-bearing so we should get a fall crop too. The asparagus continues to leaf out.

And finally, I was looking back at last year’s photos. Here’s how it looked last year on July 22, 2010. This year there are fewer sunflowers. I didn’t let them grow in the middle. And this year it’s a bit more orderly.

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4 Responses to Mid-July Garden Update

  1. Daphne says:

    It looks wonderful. My purple cabbage didn’t form heads either so I ripped it up. I hope it does better in the fall.

  2. Justin says:

    You are one of the only people I know that grows paprika peppers. What kind of pepper do you grow? I grow a romanian (transylvanian) variety I got from Adaptive Seeds called Mary Nagy. http://www.adaptiveseeds.com/node/175 This is the first year I have grown it but I am looking forward to drying it because it is difficult to get good paprika in the stores.

    • Emily says:


      Robin shared the seeds with me. She said they are Hungarian Paprika Pepper from Southern Exposure. I tried to order some from Fedco but they were out by the time my order got placed. This is my first year growing them and one is just starting to turn red.

  3. Tabby Bear says:

    Wonderful! You have really a spacious garden. I can’t wait to see your garden full of veggies and flowers. I will love to walk in your garden with those perfect plants. Keep it up and plant more.:)

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