Harvest Monday 7/11/11

Monday: Broccoli, Piracicaba Broccoli, Snow Peas, and a pepper that fell off when I checked it’s color.

Tuesday: Snow peas, the first of the raspberries, a few strawberries

Wednesday: Lettuce, leeks, fava beans, radishes, snow peas, piracicaba broccoli

Thursday: The first two sungold tomatoes, peas & raspberries

Friday: Peas, Raspberries, and the first sour cherries (the ones within reach without a ladder)

With so many peas we’ve found some different ways to enjoy them. Monday we had a stir fry with chicken and the broccoli and snow peas.

Friday we brushed them with olive oil, grilled them for about 5 minutes,

then drizzled them with a bit of balsamic vinegar.

I also blanched and froze some this week too.
Sunday: Peas, first cucumber, raspberries, radishes, first zucchini, sungold tomato

Total Harvest this week: 3.41 lbs
Total Harvest this year: 28.16 lbs

Find out what other gardeners are harvesting at Daphne’s Dandelions.

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14 Responses to Harvest Monday 7/11/11

  1. Allison says:

    Your harvest looks great – Balsamic on the peas sounds delicious. I will have to try that!

  2. Marcia says:

    You are really getting a variety of produce now. Everything is looking good.

  3. kitsapFG says:

    Some “firsts” in this weeks harvest for you – first Sun Gold tomatoes and first raspberries. That is always exciting to have the first tomatoes and the first berries come on. We actually had the same firsts but they were both eaten in the garden and never tallied or photographed. 😉

    The grilled peas look delicious.

  4. Ali says:

    How do you like the Piricicaba broccoli? I really like it, although it does get big! The grilled peas sound delicious, I may have to try that. Everything looks great, I am impressed with your early tomato, I don’t even have green ones yet.

    • Emily says:

      I like it. I ordered it after seeing it in your harvest posts last year. My regular broccoli heads have been about the same size as the Piricicaba so it’s nice that it continues to send out shoots. It is starting to get big :)

  5. Barbie says:

    I like the smaller peppers. Crunchier. :-)

  6. Daphne says:

    That looks delicious. I’ve been grilling my snap peas. I just love them. Hot and cold the next day.

  7. Hanni says:

    Oh how I wish I had peas! :) My mouth is watering just looking at all of the ones you have harvested.

  8. Robin says:

    What a nice harvest week for you! A very nice variety of veggies and some fruit that I would just love to have!

  9. Sherry says:

    Nice variety of veggies and berries. The raspberries look yummy.
    Looks like it’s the week of firsts in a lot of gardens.

  10. michelle says:

    Grilled peas, why haven’t I thought of that before! That’s worth investing in a veggie grilling basket to try. I’ve been eating a lot of peas cut up raw in salads lately, I’ll miss them when they are gone. It all looks great.

  11. Justin says:

    You are way ahead of me on most things, but we are about 3 weeks into zucchini season already…. were yours planted late or something? I also like grilled peas. Over the weekend I tried dipping them in curried batter to make pakoras… also did the same with zucchini, sliced pears, and I was going to try beets but I chickened out. The zukes were great, although my feelings about the peas are mixed.

    • Emily says:

      I’m probably not as far ahead as you think, the sungolds were a very early start. The zucchini did take a while to take off. These are coming from the one plant that didn’t get molested too much by the slugs, but others were decimated. I don’t think we’ll get any yellow zucchini at all this year and I’ve started a second round that are just putting out true leaves now.

      Zucchini Pakoras sound great. We make them sometimes with broccoli, onion, potato etc.

  12. Shawn Ann says:

    Looks like a very nice harvest week for you! That is a nice grilling basket! I think I need to add snow peas to my wish list…

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