Circle Wall Hanging Quilt

Last week I finished my circle wall hanging quilt. I gave you a glimpse of this project when I started it in late April. It was a good project for hand quilting on these hot summer days because it’s not too big so it doesn’t cover you up when you’re working on it. The project I’d based it on had you quilt only once around each circle. But I liked the idea of concentric circles, intersecting to fill in the space.
When I started hand quilting around the circles and filling the intersecting spaces I worried that if I quilted the whole piece of white then you would loose the sense of the circles. So I just quilted three times around the outermost circles so you still get the sense of movement there.

I used a dark grey fabric to bind it, creating a border feel. It ended up being 21″ by 36″.  Now I’m just waiting for my husband to make the rod for us to hang it with, and I need to pick just the right spot on the wall.

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  1. miss m says:

    Lovely and congrats on your Blue Ribbon !

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