June Garden Update: Part 1

It’s early June and time for an overview of what’s happening in the garden. We’ll start at the front with Bed 1 and make our way back. You can click on any photo to view a larger version.

Bed 1 has my potatoes, Romanze red-skinned, and Adirondack Blue. The Romanze have been hilled up twice (left). The Adirondack Blue had to be re-seeded because they rotted and are just sprouting(right).




Bed 2 has carrots and beets at the near end. The carrots need to be re-seeded because the slugs have eaten all the sprouts.
The cold frame has glass removed (we actually broke the remaining two windows) and has lettuce, and hopefully some bread poppies sprouting in the third empty space.








On the other side of the cold frame is more lettuce, some chard, arugula, and late radishes.
Bed 3 is full of red & yellow onions and leeks. The greens are beginning to size up.

Bed 4 has zucchini, patty pan squash, delicata squash & an attempt at melons under the hoop frame. The zucchini are doing well, but the delicata & melons had to be re-seeded because of the slugs.









Bed 5 has basil, eggplant, peppers, tomatillos & artichokes.The eggplants are getting bigger, both inside and outside the walls of water.


Many of the peppers have set. I believe this is a Paprika Pepper (seed from Robin).


Tomatillos have little fruit set as well. The artichokes  (above) have sent out much larger leaves.

Bed 6 has the growing garlic (no scapes yet), as well as more potatoes and some bolting bok choy and mustard greens.
These potatoes are French Fingerling and Irish cobbler and are almost ready to bloom.

The rest of the garden update will come tomorrow in Part 2.

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4 Responses to June Garden Update: Part 1

  1. Daphne says:

    The garden is looking so nice. I think I might be getting some buds on the peppers. I just wish they would start growing. They are still tiny. The heat is helping though.

  2. Robin says:

    Yes, that’s a paprika. My paprika pepper plant was the first one to set at the plots. Everything is looking good!

  3. Wilderness says:

    Looks like things are starting come on nicely now however like most of us the weather has not been a great asset.

  4. Goodness it all just looks great! I never thought to try artichokes in the garden…how neat! And I really wanted to take a stab at fingerling potatoes and haven’t gotten to that yet :/ Enjoy what I am sure will be bountiful harvests!

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