Moving Day for the Chicks

Today was moving day for the chicks. Yesterday a friend did some electrical wiring so that we could separate the outlet we’ll use for the chicken coop from the lights in our un-heated storage room. We ran an extension cord with the heat lamp and set up the coop. This morning I turned on the heat lamp to warm it up. When it was warm, I moved the chicks in.

Here’s our coop from the outside. We had to repair the bottom of the door before they moved in, so that’s why its white. The run to the right has areas under the roof, and areas just covered with chicken wire. (Click on any photo to view larger).

There’s a trap door that connects the coop to the run, that is opened by a rope, just inside the door to the run.

Inside the coop we have the roosting frame. This is so that they roost here and droppings are concentrated underneath where they can’t pick in them. They are still a little small for jumping up there, but will be using it soon enough.

We hung the food and water but I found after I put them in that the water didn’t stay level very well. I’ll have to find something to sit it on so it is somewhat higher. For the transition I also brought in the feeder and waterer from the chick box, because they know how to eat out of those.

The nesting box is just to the right of the door, in a darker corner.

For now we have the fronts covered with cardboard. We don’t want them to roost in there. We’ll open them up when its time for them to start laying.

My wonderful husband built both the nesting boxes and roosting frame to fit the space.

I didn’t get pictures of them in the coop, but later this afternoon the sun came out and temperatures rose. So I let them out in the run. They really enjoyed scratching around, and catching the bugs coming from the composter that is in there. I moved the food and water outside so they had access to that since I’m not sure they quite get that the coop is their home yet. I may have a little trouble getting them back into the coop this evening, but at least they are happy for now.

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4 Responses to Moving Day for the Chicks

  1. Robin says:

    Your husband did a good job on the nesting box and roosting frame. I think that you have some pretty happy chicks there!

  2. Marcia says:

    That whole set up is really neat! Looks like they felt right at home very quickly.

  3. Denisha M Cleare-Vega says:

    Tell your hubby he did a great job!!! I decided against the eglu cube. Now I am have a 8×8 storage shed style coop built next Sat. I have 9 chicks now and I am so chick crazy I ordered 12 that I will have Thursday. So now I had better stop!! lol Thanks for sharing the pics. Are you thinking all your chicks are pullets so far?

  4. Cathy says:

    seeing all you did here made me miss all my chickens! I had them and ducks back in the 70’s. But mu now Hubby doesn’t want chickens. :( You and your husband did a great job! Really enjoyed it!

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