Chicks at 4 weeks

This past week was sunny and warm towards the end of the week and so the chicks got to go outside twice. When Matt built the roosting pit frame for the chicken coop, we designed it with a removable top so that in this period of time when they are big enough to not slip through but not yet big enough for being in the coop we could use it as a pen.So on Thursday while I worked in the garden, I brought the chicks out for their first outside time as a flock. Earlier I’d brought them out one at a time, but they complained loudly and didn’t like being on the grass alone. As a group, they were happy to scratch in the grass and dirt, and try eating all manner of things they could find. They were a little scared when the garbage truck pulled up next door to empty the dumpster and two of them could squeeze out through the mesh, but I returned them to the pen and they didn’t escape again.

Friday the weather was even warmer so after work we took them outside for a while too. Since rain was predicted for Saturday, we went ahead and took their weekly portraits.

Here they are at 4 weeks.
Parsley (Black Star). The gold feathers around her neck have really developed.

Sage (Buff Orpington) has lost the lighter color on her head as the more orange feathers come in.

Matt & Rosemary (Araucana). She loosing her chipmunk look as the feathers come in on her head.

Thyme (Silver-Laced Wyandotte)

Our plan is to move them out into the coop next weekend with the heat lamp there to moderate the temperatures some. We’ll just move the whole box out there so they still have that comfortable and familiar space for awhile. I think they’ll enjoy having more room. I’ll post more about our coop when we have it all together next weekend.

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3 Responses to Chicks at 4 weeks

  1. Marcia says:

    They are really growing up. That is a neat cage that Matt built. Kind of like the idea of the a frame we saw on Dogwood where you can move it around the yard where you want them to be.

  2. meemsnyc says:

    They must have loved pecking at the grass looking for bugs!

  3. Robin says:

    Wow it’s amazing how big they are already!

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