Chicks at 3 weeks

It’s hard to believe we’ve only had the chicks for 3 weeks.  They are changing so fast that I thought for sure it had been longer.

This week continued to jump out of the box when we put down the side and come perch on our hands, legs, shoulders, and will even try for the head.  They like being up high. Once Rosemary flew up to the windowsill above the box so we’ve placed a window screen over top the box.

We decided definitively that Parsley is not a Barred Rock.  She started to get reddish brown feathers on her neck area.  Looking at the possible choices from our feed store, the only other possibility for her is the Black Star or Black Link variety.  The good news about that is we’re sure she’s a hen since those varieties produce male chicks with different coloring.  She seems the biggest of the bunch right now.

Sage (Buff Orpington) is usually the first to jump up and come perch on our arms.

Rosemary (Araucana) has developed some beautiful bi-colored feathers around her neck. She still has the chipmunk look on the head, but that may not last long as new feathers are pushing in.

Thyme (Silver-Lace Wyandotte) has become more comfortable with us this week. We left her alone and she started coming to to us, and likes to hop out with the rest to perch on us. We’re less worried about her being a rooster as she’s less aggressive now and her feathers are developing at the same rate as the others.

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5 Responses to Chicks at 3 weeks

  1. Ali says:

    Chicks are so cute, enjoy!

  2. Robin says:

    The chicks are growing so fast! They are adorable.

  3. Denisha M Cleare-Vega says:

    They get big so fast!!! It’s funny cause I think my girls are the same age. I have 9 one might be a roo though:(. So do you have a coop for them? If you do I’d love to see pics. So I was debating on building one or buying one. And yesterday I bought and eglu cube in purple. It’s on back order until July though:( But it made me think of you and thought of you. Since you have a smaller flock they have a Eglu Go that fits 2-4 chickens. Anyway, have a great day!!!

    • Emily says:


      Thanks for the links. Our house actually came with an attached coop in the lean-to that is behind the house. We used it for a shed for the first year, but right now we’re working on making it ready for the chicks. We repaired the chicken wire, my husband built nesting boxes and a roosting pit. I still need to paint a repair we did to the door and bleach the inside so we don’t get any disease from the last set of chickens. I’ll post photos when its all set to go.

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