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Harvest Monday 5/30/11

Harvests continue to be green this week. This over-wintered red kale was bolting and needed to be removed for planting beans. So I picked the leaves and buds for a curry dish, 4 oz. Other parts of the kale were … Continue reading

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Chicks at 6 weeks

Here’s the group at six weeks. They have adjusted well to being out in the coop. They head in at dusk and then we close the flap. Matt built ramps and we enticed them to use them with dried meal … Continue reading

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Volunteer Pansies

Last spring I bought a few pansies and put them in long pots set on my front porch. They looked like this. I may have neglected them and let them go to seed. And at the end of the season … Continue reading

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Planting Warm Weather Crops

This week I planted many of my warm weather crop. Like the chicks, it was time for them to move outside. The rest of my tomatoes went in. Seven tomatoes went in on May 1st with walls of water. 18 … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday 5/22/11

Salad season has finally begun here!  Before this week we harvested a few leaves here and a few leaves there to top burgers or tacos, but this week the greens in the cold frame and overwintered lettuce from our hoop … Continue reading

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