Today we finally had some warm weather. I would have enjoyed sunny and 60 but instead is was sunny and 75. I took advantage of the sun to do weeding in the front flower beds. I raked leaves out, and undertook my first campaign against the invasive gout weed (or bishops weed) that continues to sprout in the flower beds. I’m glad to get at it early when they are still small sprouts that I can dig up.

Here are a few new arrivals. The first daffodils opened on Monday.

Siberian Squills. These were in an out of the way spot in the back yard. Today I moved them up front.

My dark red hellebore began blooming last week. I bought it on sale at then end of the season last year, and planted it after reading about them on Away to Garden.

Here’s the blossom.

Ramps or Wild Leeks. I wanted some of these on our property so last year I bought ones that were being sold for eating. We ate some of them and I planted 6. Looks like they’ve returned! We won’t harvest until they spread.

And here’s how the vegetable garden looks. The grass is really greening up. Most of the green in the garden is a cover crop(rye grass) that I planted in the fall. However I did see the first signs of pea sprouts today.

Tomorrow we are back to April showers, but the weekend looks like more great garden weather.

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4 Responses to Spring!

  1. Robin says:

    The warm weather has been nice…but a bit too warm down here. I think that Spring has finally arrived :)

    I have a white hellebore in my white garden in the front of the house.. Mine has gotten so big the past couple of years that I think I should separate it. They are a very pretty and unusual plant.

  2. Villager says:

    That’s a lovely red hellebore! I’ve never seen one like that before.

  3. Daphne says:

    For us yesterday was too hot. It was in the 80s an humid. I wanted to do more gardening outside, but the heat chased me inside. I’m hoping we don’t see temps like that again until mid March.

    I’ve found that our hauled in soil has the weirdest things in it. It turns out the squill bulbs are small enough to go through their screening so we have squill popping up all over the yard. I’m going to figure out what weeds are bad around here, but right now squill is the worst. I don’t mind it coming up in the lawn or some of the beds, but not in my vegetable garden.

  4. Marcia says:

    I hope the gout weed isn’t as bad as last year. How did the herbs fare over the winter?

    With the sun, warmth and rain everything is doubling in size in a matter of days.

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