Chick Photos

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

We took another set of profile photos of the chicks this weekend. We’ve been amazed at how fast they changed this week. We moved them to a bigger box on Saturday and started them on pine shavings. They’ve sampled some, but thankfully the food tastes better. Wing feathers have come in and so they are flapping and running around the box. Some even jump straight up in the air. Their tail feathers are poking out as well. Here they are today. You can compare them to last week’s photos here.

Parsley (Barred Rock)

Sage (Buff Orpington)

Rosemary (Araucana)

& Thyme (Silver-Lined Wyandotte)

They are no longer small balls of fluff!

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2 Responses to Chick Photos

  1. Janet says:

    They are adorable. So adorable. I can’t wait til I have a house and can get some chickens.

  2. WOW – there feet are almost as big as their bodies!!

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