2011 Garden Plan

Here’s my garden plan for 2011. You can click on the two images for a larger view. When I laid out the garden last year, I made sure to separate rows of crops in the same family. Crops in the same family have the same color row.  My plan was to rotate the rows each year and that way there would be a couple years between crops in the same family growing in the same spot. You can see last year’s plan here.

The northern end of the garden (top) has our perennial fruits and vegetables that we put in last year.  We won’t harvest any asparagus this year but we hope to get more rhubarb, strawberries, and raspberries.

Rows 8-11 are my tall crop rows.  Each crop moved back one row, and the peas/beans moved to the front of the section.  Last year I grew cucumbers in row 3 on an angled trellis.  This year I’ll move them to row 10 with the taller crops. A few crops in these rows are new experiments this year, namely artichokes in row 9 and popcorn in row 8. I also have fava beans and yard long beans to try for the first time and a wide selection of new pea varieties.

Rows 1-7 are the shorter crops.  These crop families also moved back one row and the potatoes moved to row 1.  This year tomatillos are going towards the middle of the row so that if they get out of control they aren’t blocking the rest of the entrance. I have new varieties of eggplant, peppers and green tomatillos to try.  I’m going to give melons one more try and if they don’t succeed this year than I’ll probably give up on them. I’m hoping to fill an entire row with onions and leeks.  We want more onions to last longer through the winter.  I’ve decided to start my succession plantings of carrots, lettuce & beets on the left and work towards the right.

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  1. Cloud says:

    I am so jealous of your awesome planning! Last year I was all up in this right now… but this year I’m not sure how much room I’ll have in the community garden and still need to measure my mother’s abandoned garden that she’s letting me use. A few more days and I’ll at least have dimensions on mom’s garden!

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